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Laminate Flooring

A beautiful laminate floor can set the stage for the room of your dreams.  From exotic to traditional, richly detailed to sleek and smooth, laminate floors offer authentic beauty and handcrafted details that can transform a room.

  • Laminate Flooring is adherently eco-friendly

    • Made with natural resources like wood chip fiber board

    • It’s recyclable

    • Free of air-damaging chemicals

    • Complies with all CARBII Formaldehyde emissions standards

    • Requires no special glue or adhesives to install which means less potential harmful emissions

  • Extremely durable:  A laminate floor is much stronger and scratch resistant, impact resistant and longer lasting than any hardwood, vinyl, or hard surface.  It’s virtually resistant to pets, kids, and high heels.

  • Stain, fade & moisture resistant:  All of our laminate floors offer warranty protection to wear through, fading & staining.  All products also come with a minimum 72-hour moisture warranty.

  • Easy to maintain:  No waxes or varnishes are needed to keep your laminate floor looking like new every day.


Economical, easy to install, environmentally friendly and built to last a lifetime,

Laminate Flooring is a superior choice for any household.

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