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Marble Floor

About Legante

Flooring for your lifestyle and your design tastes

Our Core Values

  1. Style/Design/Color

  2. Performance

  3. Sustainability

  4. Price (Value)

Legante picks all of our products based on our four core values of floor selection.


The space you design is a by product of your taste for both flair and tranquility.  Our goal is to offer products that in color, texture and design will enable you to take your desires and transform them to the spaces that make you the most comfortable.  We source products from all over the world that are unique in style and design yet refined to be enjoyed and appreciated in everyday living.

Laminate Wood Floor


We expect the Legante product that you select to last a lifetime.  We have our products made to the most stringent specifications in the industry.  The specifications are developed to ensure that your floors will perform in the environments in which they are installed and will withstand the test of time.


We require all our manufacturing partners to follow and adhere to the rules and regulations of whatever region our products are made in. This includes both manufacturing and environmental regulations within each region.  The world offers us an abundance of resources, we do not want to upset the ecosystem and all it has to offer.  Every product we offer is CARBII compliant at the minimum and most products exceed the industry standards developed to protect our planet.

Bathroom Tiles

Price (Value)

We do not jeopardize quality for price.  We offer products at a full spectrum of prices manufactured to the highest standards possible.  We don’t expect you to have to exceed your budget to have a luxurious space.


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